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Artist and Influencer Sircaliburx Gives Back to Less Fortunate

On the internet, the name Sircaliburx is associated with music and memes. The rapper, also known as the MEME GOD, hopes to build his personal brand online, growing a following of over 27,000 people on Instagram with jokes and clips of his sound. In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the artist is known for his creativity in the digital space and his brand InTheWave, but it may be more popular in relation to Philanthropy. Sircaliburx has made it his mission to give to people in need and those without homes to try and make sure that the people around him always have what they need to get by.

Clothing was one of the first things that Sircaliburx gave to the population of less fortunate people in Philadelphia. Just a week after he started looking for donations to give away, the artist had collected over a thousand articles of clothing from around the city. “It was crazy to see,” he said. “That’s when I realized that this might be easier than I thought. If I just tried and got the word out, it seemed like people would be down to help out.”

Sircaliburx popped up again to help families out during the holidays, specifically doing a Thanksgiving turkey giveaway. “We ended up with 100 or so turkeys,” he said. “Which was huge. So many people just couldn’t afford to put that on their table and it was great to see how many families especially we got to help out.”

In 2019, the City of Philadelphia Office of Homeless Services reported that the city has the lowest number of street homeless people per capita of any of the largest cities in the US. In total, about 5,700 Philadelphians are considered to be homeless across the city, which includes about 950 who are unsheltered. The city does a lot of things to try and combat the issue of homelessness, but Sircaliburx wants people to know that there’s still things that people need.

“The food I give out, it goes away so fast, same with the clothes,” he says. “These people need all that and more and I think people need to be more aware of the homeless people in their areas. I’ve been getting more aware of what it’s like and Philly and I feel like I’ve been able to help out a lot.”

The Opioid crisis has caused a lot of people to become homeless in Philadelphia in recent years. Homelessness in the downtown Center City area is also more visible now due to construction and fewer public spaces for people to live. These kinds of conditions apply not only to Philadelphia, but to many other metro areas across the country.

One of the hardest hit areas is Los Angeles, where the influencer  gave away 100 Little Caesars pizzas to homeless people on Skid Row during an event that he called SirCalibur Day. Those pizzas were given out quickly as word of mouth spread about what was being given away.

“I know it’s not just here, this is an American problem as a whole,” Sircaliburx says. “I want people to see what I’m doing and help me out or do it themselves. It’s not hard and it doesn’t take a lot, but it goes a long way.”

In the future, Sircaliburx hopes to continue to give back to his community, bringing back his previous donation efforts while also introducing new strategies to get people the help they need. He also hopes to be able to collaborate with other people doing the same sorts of things where they live. “Every city needs somebody like this,” the artist said. “I’d love for it to become a movement where we’re all under one thing just helping people, getting people what they need and they know they can expect us to be there for them.”

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