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How Top Tier Group Adapted to the COVID-19 Pandemic

Most of the world shut down when COVID-19 began to spread in Spring 2020. That affected businesses across the globe, with many of them being forced to close or downsize due lack of sales. That didn’t happen to Toronto-based Top Tier Group. Instead of shutting down, they expanded their company to include Top Tier Safety Supplies, with a  focus on one of the main aspects of the pandemic: personal protective equipment, better known as PPE. 

Pushed Forward by the Pandemic

Founded in March 2020 and led by Top Tier’s Chief Executive Officer Michael Theodorou, Top Tier Safety Supplies is an international exporter and product supplier. Top Tier initially focused on logistics and warehousing and they now apply that knowledge to executing the sales of 20,000 different products to customers, totaling nearly two billion sales over the course of the past year. 

Popular Products

On their Shopify website, Lysol wipes, masks, and vinyl medical gloves are among the ten most popular products sold by the company. All ten of the popular items are sold at affordable prices, with free shipping offered to customers in North America, along with 24/7 customer service and a secure online payment system. Theodoru says these offerings help customers see that the company is serious about what they do. “We’re a newer company, so we have to try and match and outdo what our competition is doing constantly in order to get new customers,” he says. “I think we’ve done that successfully with our pricing and everything that we offer on our website.” 

Company Goals

Emphasizing security both on their website and in their business practices, Top Tier offered multiple companies and countries enough medical supplies to get them through the toughest months of the past year. Theodorou credits their growth over the last few months to the company’s core values: hard work, transparency, always improving and achieving their goals. “The company’s biggest goal is to offer customers medical and health supplies at a competitive price, and that seems to be working,” he says.

The Covid-19 Vaccine

In addition to medical and safety supplies, Top Tier also officially received MDEL License Level 3 certification in May to help bring COVID-19 vaccines to its clients in Canada. Outside of products that have been popularized by the pandemic, the company also supplies glasses, covers, bags, and skin care products to use, among many other products.

Other Businesses 

In addition to selling thousands of products through Top Tier Safety Supplies, Top Tier Group also operates more than a dozen companies offering innovative solutions, including local and international moving operations. International items can be shipped by Top Tier Airlink or Top Tier Containers by sea. In North America, Top Tier Moving has won multiple awards, including Modern Removals Company of the Year at the 2020 New World Report Awards. Top Tier also operates Mein Haus Staging, a home staging company that helps clients sell their vacant or occupied homes. 

Clients and Promotion

Across all their businesses, Top Tier Group’s client base includes several well-known companies and organizations, including Amazon, Popeyes, and the Government of Canada. On social media, they have a following of well over two million users on Instagram, quickly growing after hitting one million followers just a few months ago. The company has also been featured on several news channels, including The New York Times, CBC News, and Forbes

Theodorou is a native Canadian and feels the exposure on different media platforms has helped to get the Top Tier name out past those borders. “We probably would have made ourselves known in Canada just fine,” he says. “It’s having our name in things like Forbes that really helps us stand out though, it just adds that extra layer of credibility.” Increasing credibility is something that Theodorou and Top Tier hope to continue to do, across all areas of the company. 

For more information on Top Tier Safety Supplies, visit the company’s store at toptiersafetysupplies.myshopify.com. For information on all of the companies owned and operated by Top Tier Group, visit the company’s Instagram page at instagram.com/toptiergroupinc.

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