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Are you willing to allow perfect strangers to drive off with your dog or cat? Now, think about whether you are okay with allowing those same people to take your little friend to a different state or even country. The answer is probably no, yet that’s the predicament so many people face when they must relocate and ship their pets as well. The problem deepens from there, as searching for a legitimate pet relocation company is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Animals make the perfect victim since they cannot speak, so the industry is rife with scammers. Finding a company you can entrust your fur-friend with is not easy, yet Blue Collar Pet Transport has fast emerged as who pet-parents are looking for: a pet relocation service that combines professionalism with a genuine love for animals.

In less than 3 years, Blue Collar Pet Transport has become America’s top pet transporter. The proof is in the numbers: its 830% increase in growth since 2019 shows that the company’s mission – to treat every furry passenger with kindness and to deliver them on time – is resonating with their human clients. With these values, Blue Collar Pet Transport is the solution for those who want to know that when they pass their dog or cat to a transporter, it really will be in good hands.

Who Is Blue Collar Pet Transport?

Blue Collar Pet Transport has made all aspects of pet shipping simple and affordable. The company’s commitment to excellent service begins when a client wants some information about pet relocation, which the employees are happy to provide at no charge. From there, the whole journey is explained and booked, and employees will provide valuable tips for how to prepare a dog or cat for its adventure. That dedication will continue until the pet is returned safely to its family. 

Customers may be reassured to know that Blue Collar Pet Transport is also USDA-registered, insured, and a member of the International Pet and Animal Association, a nonprofit trade association of independent members who are dedicated to the safe and humane transport of pets and other animals. 

Travel Options for Your Pet with Blue Collar Pet Transport

To smoothly deliver their passengers, Blue Collar Pet Transport focuses on the details that can make a trip better, including routing, weather, road conditions, and other factors that may affect a pet’s travel experience. Your pet will arrive happy and ready to see you and full of stories to tell if only they could talk as we all wish they could.

For dogs and cats that weigh under 200 pounds, the company offers five options for door-to-door transportation within North America. All pet transport services include pet purchase fraud protection and more. 

  1. Shared Ride Pet Transport: With Blue Collar Pet Transport’s most economical service, your pet will ride with other furry passengers on a pre-planned route across North America and become as well-traveled as Jack Kerouac. While it’s not as plush as the company’s private ground or private jet services, the safety and comfort remain top notch.
  2. Air Pet Transport: Air pet transport by Blue Collar Pet Transport is the best way to fly your loved one. Pets under 20 pounds will fly with one of the team’s experienced and trusted air nannies to any destination in North America. They will not fly in the cargo hold, which could kill them. Instead, they will be accompanied by a Blue Collar Pet Transport’s trained handler, who will stay with them at all times.
  3. Private Pet Relocation Services: The highest level of service provided by Blue Collar Pet Transport, will take your pet directly to their destination. You choose the days your pet will be picked up and dropped off. This option is especially beneficial for older or large pets, who will appreciate having more room during their journey. As an added bonus, the company’s staff can even help you transport your car, which will save you time and money as you relocate.
  4. Private Jet Pet Transport: Your dog or cat will fly in the lap of luxury as they travel directly to their destination. Blue Collar Pet Transport will pick up and drop off your pet on the days you choose. This option is perfect for those who must travel quickly or if you are going on vacation, as everyone – family and pets – can travel on one of the company’s chartered jets.
  5. Central Florida Pet Transport: For those relocating to Central Florida, Blue Collar Pet Transport will take your pet anywhere they need to go within or around the area. The company will pick up your fur buddy at the airport, breeder, or your home and take them to another destination. Similar to our private pet transport service, your pet(s) will receive the highest level of service available. 

How It Works

Empathy and organization are at the heart of Blue Collar Pet Transport. It is open 24/7, allowing clients to check on the status of their pets at any time. Quotes are free and without pressure, and you can easily contact them for answers to any of your questions. Once you are ready to book transport for your pet, the Blue Collar Pet Transport team will guide you through booking your pet’s trip and help you prepare your dog or cat for transport. The whole process has been streamlined for maximum efficiency and safety.

Once your pet is picked up, they will be in the hands of experienced animal handlers who are required to undergo routine background checks and drug screenings. Best of all, they really do love animals.

Pet Travel Just Got Safer and More Comfortable

As you search for a pet relocation company, please remain aware of the appallingly high number of scams out there. Blue Collar Pet Transport is growing so rapidly because it is the solution to those scams: reliability, ethics, and compassion. Your pet will arrive at its destination as expected, and you won’t have to worry about those hours between seeing them go and welcoming them back again.

Blue Collar Pet Transport is America’s most popular pet relocator and has been featured in Yahoo! and the Chicago Tribune. For more information on how you can safely and easily transport your dog or cat to its next destination, please see Blue Collar Pet Transport’s website or call 1-888-208-6669.

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