Sam Freij’s Instagram Page Transports You the Caribbean

Sam Freij has quite a life.

When he isn’t working as a senior manager in the automotive industry, he’s exploring scenery and food in places of the world most of us could only dream about. 

Sam shares his adventures on his Instagram page, Travel with Sam (@travel_with_sam), which boasts over a quarter-million followers. He features beaches and delicious cuisine across the Caribbean world. “I love to eat, and I love to cook when I travel,” he explains. “It’s great that people want to see that because it’s easy for me just to take a quick picture of what I’m cooking and eating, and I like to keep a record of it.” Sam currently has more than 256,000 followers on his page, with travel and food enthusiasts alike from around the world. He enjoys hearing from followers asking for his advice on islands and hotels in places from the region of Yucatán, specifically Cancun, Isla Mujeres, and Isla Contoy. 

“I can kind of act like a tour guide or even a travel website,” he says. “Instagram and Facebook have become popular platforms for travel tips.” Sam began on Instagram in March of 2020. When so many were stranded at home unable to travel due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Travel with Sam page offered a look at what life looked like outside. “It was a rough time, and I think people really just wanted something nice to look at,” Freij said. “I wish these times weren’t so tough for people, but I’m glad I was able to offer something positive during that time.”

He has repeatedly visited Cancun, Mexico, to the point where he is known locally for his travels and Instagram page. He was also featured in the Intercontinental Presidente Cancun publication. With followers from all over the world, he hopes to continue to gain opportunities with other media outlets across the globe to gain more exposure to the page and travel destinations in each publication’s area. “I am really looking forward to this next trip to the Intercontinental Presidente Cancun, where our newly hired producer and professional photographer, Tony Kaloti, will join me,” Sam explains. 

For more information, follow the Travel with Sam page (@travel_with_sam) on Instagram.

Travel with Sam

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