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How to Make a Living From Social Media

As social media becomes an increasingly important part of our lives, more and more people are turning to and creating unconventional careers to earn an income. Success doesn’t come to everyone, but those who find their strides are able to make comfortable lifestyles. Some even become veritable superstars overnight. But how? An entire world of possibility is right at our fingertips, but navigating through the stress and trials can be, and often is, daunting. Here are some things to consider as you take that first step towards success.

What platforms can you make a living from?

The Internet is an unthinkably vast landscape filled with all sorts of new websites and platforms cropping up every day. A few social media platforms have come into vogue and have taken over the social consciousness in the past ten years. These include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, ringID, and Snapchat. Each of these platforms has its own unique way to engage with the users there, but they all tend to skew towards specific demographics. All of them except for ringID, which appeals to an audience across a wide array of ages, social groups, and interests.

What type of social media content works best?

There are two ways to approach this problem: you can either follow the trend, or you can do what suits you best. Sometimes, you might not have an idea of what you want to put out into the world, or you’re more in the mindset of trying something outside of your comfort zone. Following the trend can be a great way to help you find your creative spirit and get a crash course understanding as to what audiences are more receptive to. Showcasing skills and hobbies that you already know and enjoy can be a great way to build a following as well, as people often flock to those with passion and knowledge about their chosen field of interest.

All of this culminates in a fact that may be hard to reconcile: there is no easy answer as to what works best. There are certainly trends and avenues that are more popular than others, but because they do not result in uniform, resounding success for everyone, it’d be misleading to point at any one solution and say that that’s the key.

What type of content works best is one that you can create consistently, that allows you to take breaks from in order to prevent burnout, and that you can return to with new ideas and growing excitement.

How do you find your audience?

The most important way is to just start. Find your platform, find your niche, and start making content. While it’s important to settle somewhere with a lot of users, such as ringID or YouTube, you should also be aware that this won’t immediately get you the audience you desire. Embrace  the experimental stage of your social media infancy, as being lesser known will allow you a greater range of flexibility until you’re able to grow into a routine that works for you. As you branch out, ask those close to you for feedback on the content you create and use related hashtags to get your content out there.

With ringID, you can create, post, and share content all without leaving the platform. You can send posts and videos to a group of contacts in order to get the feedback or encouragement you’re looking for. And once you’re ready for more general attention, you all can post on your newsfeeds to get the ball rolling.

A key thing to remember is to have patience with your process and yourself. The early days might be slow, but it’s enough time for you to stretch your wings, find yourself, and develop good practices that will carry you forward. Keep creating, keep sharing, and your audience will come to you.

Monetizing your social media accounts

There are many ways to make money from your social media account. YouTube has Google Adsense, Twitch allows for donations and subscriptions, and even Twitter has jumped aboard by launching its tip jar feature. This makes it easier than ever for viewers to support the creators they enjoy, especially if the creator puts out unique merchandise revolving around their platform or brand. Because of this, it can be challenging to keep up with the various flows of profit. Diversifying your income is important, but being able to manage them is more so.

Influencers and supporters can come together on ringID. Influencers can earn income on their livestreams through gifts and tips, and they can even create a Virtual Storefront where they can promote their custom merchandise. Followers can safely and easily support creators using the digital wallet built into the platform without having to worry about a variety of different payment systems.

Make a living using ringID

Of the many competitors out there, ringID is the only social media platform that truly is an all-in-one, comprehensive experience. Not only can you create a storefront and livestream, you can enjoy the benefits of voice and video calls, secret chats, direct messaging, creating custom contact groups, newsfeed, media channels, and more. Over one million users are actively making a living from the ecosystem. Even if you’re not a content creator in the traditional sense, you can still stand out in the landscape by offering paid services and consultations through ringID as well. 

The first step can be intimidating, but ringID is a safety net that allows users to freely experiment with what works best for them. Of the 20 million active users currently on the site, there’s an audience just waiting for you and all you have to offer. RingID is available on the desktop as well as Android and iOS devices.

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